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 Belle Mer Bazaar Rules/Procedures(PLEASE READ:DO NOT REPLY)

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PostSubject: Belle Mer Bazaar Rules/Procedures(PLEASE READ:DO NOT REPLY)   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:38 am

Welcome to the Belle Mer Bazaar! This is where selling, buying ,and other various transactions will occur. Here, anyone can set up their own shop,with a few procedures set up prior to this. The rules are as simple as this:

1. Add a new topic to the Belle Mer Bazaar, the title being the name of your shop
2. State the rules for how your shop works, from top to bottom. These should be thorough enough that anyone can understand
3. Lay down prices on how much certain good or services will cost. No tax please
4. Also feel free to make a banner or images depicting your shop

In terms of the procedures of the customers and what they should do, it is plain and simple
1. Browse through the various shops to find the one that suits your needs
2. Reply to the Shop,stating:
A) what you would like to buy
B) How much you are paying for it, stating the exact amount it costs, thus subtracting it from your account

From there, depending on the service, the two should exchange friend codes and trade over whatever item or pokemon that is being exchanged. Obviously this does not need to be done for non-trade-able goods such as Artwork, documents, or computer-only things.

Please comply to all these rules; we enforce them strictly, and expect cooperation from all Belle Mer Members. On a lighter note, feel free to participate and engage in the Bazaar: We hope you find what you're looking for!
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Belle Mer Bazaar Rules/Procedures(PLEASE READ:DO NOT REPLY)
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