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 Ava's Level Grinding Grounds

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If given the Chance, would you trust me with raising your pokemon?
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PostSubject: Ava's Level Grinding Grounds   Ava's Level Grinding Grounds I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 3:04 pm

Come here to Trade me what pokemon you want me to raise. For every 10 levels, you will be charged 100 pearls. Tell me where you want me to train your pokemon, and how high you want me to train them, if they learn moves among the way, I will pm you about the move and ask you what move you want me to get rid of in exchange for it. When you're ready to trade, go to the wi-fi club union. I will give you a rental pokemon, the same one as the one you gave me (If I have it, that is). The prices will be (presuming your pokemon is around lvl 1):
1 - 10: 100 pearls.
11 - 20: 200 pearls.
21 - 30: 300 pearls.
31 - 40: 400 pearls.
41 - 50: 500 pearls.
51 - 60: 600 pearls.
61 - 70: 700 pearls.
71 - 80: 800 pearls.
81 - 90: 900 pearls.
91 - 100: 1,000 pearls.
Please note, that if I do not return the pokemon within a 3-weeks period, I'm either busy (which is occasional), or I have been working hard on it, and have been unable to reach the desired level. Please, just be patient. And also, the price will be based on the level you want me to make it reach. You MUST give me your fc if you haven't already.
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Ava's Level Grinding Grounds
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