Welcome to the Belle Mer forums, brought to you by the Belle Mer League and its affiliate, the PUCL Podcast!

Welcome to the Belle Mer Forums, brought to you by the Belle Mer Pokemon League!
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 Vote for Pucl!

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PostSubject: Vote for Pucl!   Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:02 pm

Hey Guys, boy its been a long time since the forums been even remotely alive (Thanks Turt for doing your part)

At any rate, just thought I'd bring something into the forefront once again, and help out our affiliates, the Pucl Podcast.

Recently there's been a Poll about what everyone's favorite Pokemon Podcast is. And by "Everyone",I mean the Hosts of this poll, Super Effective, who told no other groups about this poll, and are throwing all their resources in to this to prove false statistics. So, let's go ahead and take our time to disprove this ridiculousness

Vote Here:

Thanks Guys, and here's to a New Year!

I'm The Fresh Prince, and I approve this message
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Vote for Pucl!
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