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 Turt's Epic Breeding Center

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News Reporter Turt
News Reporter Turt

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PostSubject: Turt's Epic Breeding Center   Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:54 pm

Welcome to Turt's Breeding Center! Here I can breed you any Pokemon of your choosing (only ones that can breed of course. These Pokemon will be at top quality and will be breeded from only the finest dittos. Also, it'll take very little time to get your new Pokemon as I will take the best breeding route through the region of Unova/Isshu (Striaton City to Driftveil City) if you prefer a newly hatched Pokemon. Now for prices.
In egg: 300 pearls
Newly Hatched: 400 pearls
In egg with egg moves of your choosing: 600 pearls
Already hatched with egg moves of your choosing: 750 pearls
Sorry for the high prices for egg moves Pokemon but, egg moves are all about chance.
-No White exclusive Pokemon but Black exclusives are fine.
-Will not train a newly hatched Pokemon over level 10
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Turt's Epic Breeding Center
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