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 Rules and Procedure for all Gyms/Notes

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Rules and Procedure for all Gyms/Notes Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Procedure for all Gyms/Notes   Rules and Procedure for all Gyms/Notes I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 7:25 pm

Welcome to the Belle Mer League Gyms! I first off must congratulate you on partaking in one of our most distinguished sections of the site, and hope you enjoy battles against my hand-picked prime battlers. Secondly, I expect that all rules from each individual gym must be followed with the ut-most maturity. Any failure to follow any rule is an immediate disqualification, resulting in an automatic victory from the Gym Leader. Of course, Gym Leaders must follow their own rules as well Razz

Also I thought I would take this time to clarify several things about the Gyms

Misconception #1: You must battle all 8 Gyms in order

Correction:No, you can battle any gyms in any order. Previously in the earlier days of the league, I initially wanted the gyms to be taken in order, with the weakest leader being first and the strongest last. But I later on came to the conclusion that , with my current line-up, the reputation and strength of my gym leaders is at a relatively equal caliber, so putting them in order would serve no purpose.

Misconception #2: If a Gym Leader doesn't respond to my challenge right away, I should just pm him a lot right away/ nag him in the chat to respond to my post.

Correction: Please, you must understand that no one person can answer to everything at anytime. The forums are designed so that challenges can be handled when people have time. Now,not being replied at for a week is a different story, but we please would appreciate your cooperation and patience from each other. And, again, do not pm a Gym leader asking them to challenge them. This is what the Challenge Desk is for.

Misconception #3: Well I can't really participate much if I'm not much of a battler. I'm just watching these two people battle.

Correction: Well,to that I say NOOOOO! Luckily for you, we feel illegal gambling is Null and void here at Belle Mer. When you see that a battle has been set between a challenger and a gym leader, you can place an amount of pearls down and say who you believe is going to win. If you win the bet, you will receive double the amount of pearls you placed down. If you lose, you will lose the amount of pearls you placed down. However, please do not place smack-talk in the Gyms, intimidating or taunting your friends opponent. This is not Belle Mer approved

That seems to be the three biggest conceptions right now. If you have any questions about the Gyms please post them in the General Gym info category. Thanks!

I'm The Fresh Prince, and I approve this message
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Rules and Procedure for all Gyms/Notes
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