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 Belle Mer State of the Union Address

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PostSubject: Belle Mer State of the Union Address   Belle Mer State of the Union Address I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 6:24 pm

The Belle Mer Mandate

As a Site now one year in the making, we have certainly come quite a long way. Our appearance is more clear and presentable than a year ago, our site structure is now easier to navigate, and ultimately we are a community moving forward as of our recent anniversary. However, much like any successful business, there is always the opportunity to strive for perfection, or damn well near perfection.Thus, I have a mandate to commit to, and stand by till the dawn of 2012. These plans will fortify what we already have, and take a good thing and make it much, much better. Without further ado, the State of the Union for Belle Mer:

1. Attract a larger member-base
A. More Participation in the Forums
B. More Members congregating to chat
C. More participants available for events/tournaments
How To Achieve these things:
A. Advertisements
I.Video Promos, No More than Thirty Seconds in length, with one central idea
II. 'Digital Posters'-Small Graphics ads promoting the site in some way, appealing, providing the link to the main forums
III. Newsletters-One Page info letters describing what the site is about, the various features of it, and how to contact myself and a link to it. Should be colorful , concise, and presentable *ALSO MUST BE SPELLED CORRECTLY*
B. Referrals: Refer other friends or acquaintances to the site, with prior knowledge of their common interests (pokemon obviously).
C. Affiliates. We need websites, organizations, or groups who are willing to actively commit their help in spreading the word out about us. Obviously this should never be one sided, and it will always be a mutual benefit

2.Getting more involved
A.Increased interaction with other members
B. More familiarity with people,building friendships *but NOT grudges!*
C. More energy/morale in the community, leading to an increase of participation
How to Achieve this:
A. Let the Members create their own events, based on common interests people may have
i.e Create a fanfic, or roleplaying group via the forum
B. Attract participation by giving rewards to more activity
1. Pokemon
2. Currency (Pearls)
3. Other? (Fill in if ideas come about)
C. Design a bi-monthly large-scale event/tournament meant to engage everyone, and attract newcomers
D. Attract newcomers by taking polls to asses interests, likes/dislikes, putting that feedback to mold the forum

3. Fortify the 'League'
A. Attracts wide variety of battlers, with a wider variety of people
B. Increased Battling =Increased experience,and thus a desire for battling
C. Rewards for doing well, and those who are not as fortunate are offered more help
How to Achieve this
A. Establish a Board of Tutors/Battling 'Teachers' ,with a well-versed background in competitive battling, offering their answers to common questions by other members, and able to tutor members on (x) amount of days
B. Reinforce the Gyms with centralized 'theme teams': Must be composed of a key central tier, theme, etc. Must appear regularly on the site. Must establish their own rules for their gym, and moderate their gym (forum section) regularly. Note:Staff can now be Gym Leaders.
C.Establish a clear and cut system of battling reward system, where a forum section will be established for those who would like to challenge each other. One can wager on a match they play, my announcing who they would like to challenge, making it a post on the battle section,and battling. This 'Wager Match', can also be betted upon by 'spectators', who can place (X) amount of Pearls down by responding to the forum post

4.Produce More Content
A. Gives reason for members to return often
B. Gives staff incentive to help the site
C. Creates a healthy atmosphere, and prevents 'dead site' syndrome
How To Achieve This
A. Create a well-structured schedule of content for who is to produce content and when. Deviation from this schedule is unacceptable . Anyone caught not following the schedule will promptly be dismissed.
B.Increased Work Ethic from all Staff Members, regardless of pre-disposition
C.Perfection of content, periodical revision, and constant refinement to deliver the best possible final product

I'm The Fresh Prince, and I approve this message
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Belle Mer State of the Union Address
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